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Labour Dispute Investigations

SSC Investigative Consultants has had investigators that have been involved in a number of Labour Disputes throughout the Province of Ontario. Our knowledge of handling these different types of Labour Disputes is extensive. This knowledge, when dealing with volatile disputes, has proven invaluable, as our handling of it has averted potentially dangerous situations. We are experts in picket line surveillance and evidence documentation. This evidence can lead to a legal court appointed injunction, which will give you the power to carry out the day to day activities of your business. This injunction can stop unreasonable hold times on a picket line. To get an injunction in your favour, proper evidence documentation is essential.

The first step that we focus on with the client is contingency plan development. This is done to reduce the risk of costly disruption to the client's business due to a work stoppage. This includes the organization of transportation of products and personnel. We can also organize replacement workers that will carry out various tasks within your facility.

At SSC Investigative Consultants we understand the need for your business to remain productive for both the company and for the striking employees. If a company is unable to maintain business it is only a matter of time before the company is forced to close the doors. No one wants that.